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Our Town Social Media

"Your Local Community Connection"

"Our Town Social Media" works to empower local people, local small business owners, local farmers and communities all over Canada so together we can all make a difference in our world. Our mission is to support and strengthen local communities using social media technology where people can build relationships, engage on issues and share their passions. All the content created on "an Our Town" website is by local people for local people. As such, it is the antithesis of mass market, mass media, and mega corporate globalization.

All of the websites start with "Our" usually followed by "Town" and then the name of the town.ca. In some cases, like Northumberland county, we have gone with a county wide version  "Our Northumberland" since we have too small a population base for single town websites. I have done the same thing with "Our Prince Edward County" and a few other places where it seems to make sense. The City of Peterborough and The County of Peterborough fit nicely under together for our purposes which is all about community.

Each city, town or community will have its own self contained interactive website. These local community focused interactive websites will encourage people to express their ideas, opinions, feelings and passions on just about any subject: politics at all levels, economic and social issues, environmental issues, food issues, and local community groups to name a few.

Specific communication features include blogs, mini blogs (via newsfeed), articles and documents; photos, videos, music/podcasts, events; groups, forums, polls, petitions, chat, and free classified ads. There will also be several distinct directories for professionals, service businesses, hospitality businesses, real estate, and a marketplace for cars, rvs and general merchandise.


Our Plan

It is hoped that the advertising vehicles will help local business owners connect and engage with their customers and vice versa. We could end up with a virtual local online mall of small business owners and customers. Our Mainstreets can go digital just as big corporations have gone digital using this model.

Interactivity and engaging via the comment/opinion/blogging function is a critical ingredient in group dynamics and an essential function contributing to the overall success of Our Town Social Media. To foster participation, members may use their own name, or a username or pseudonym which is unique to them. (no impersonations please). Yes, you can be anonymous, if you choose.

These websites are intended to be a family friendly communities so no obscene or violent language, photos, or video will be permitted. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Statements on the bottom of each website.

There will be zero tolerance for any bullying, victimization practises or discriminatory remarks of any kind. Just contact me if you are being bullied or victimized or discriminated against.


Logo for Our Town Social Media Inc


"Your Local Community Connection"


We are planning to grow across Ontario and Canada over time starting with Northumberland County which will be the model or prototype for others. We have other domains registered for all provinces and many individual towns and cities across Canada. More will be added as needed.

We are looking for home based "Community Coordinators" who will act as social entrepreneurs across Ontario and Canada to manage "our town" websites. Their job will be to grow membership, support members and work with advertising members.

 All regular members of "Our Town" can earn 20% monthly referral fees from advertising revenues for as long as ads runs. If you know of a business that could benefit from advertising with us, you can make some extra money promoting our website. This is not intended to be a job but simply a reward for effort in helping us grow.

Please contact Community Coordinator for more details.

It would be more nice if we did not have to sell ad space but we have few options. We will not accept donations or ad revenue from any large transnational corporations since we value our independance and do not want to be seen as a "corporate stooge".

Maybe you should look at our "ad space" as "donation space" which will give you "some bang for your buck". "Our Town Social Media" is owned and operated by Our Town Social Media Inc., a private for profit corporation located in Cobourg, Ontario.


Our Town websites

We own the "Our Town" domain names for many cities, towns and regions across Canada. If you would like to be a Community Coordinator please call or email us for more information.

   admin at ourtownsocialmedia.com

           1 289 252 0550 Cobourg, Ontario, Canada